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Unified Many-Worlds Browsing of Arbitrary Physics-Based Animations​

Purvi Goel | Doug L. James SIGGRAPH 2022

Project Page Paper | Video

Other Publications
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Point2Cyl: Reverse Engineering 3D Objects from Point Clouds to Extrusion Cylinders 

Mika Angelina Uy | Yen-yu Chang |Minhyuk Sung | Purvi Goel| Joseph Lambourne | Tolga Birdal | Leonidas Guibas CVPR 2022


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Shape From Tracing: Towards Reconstructing 3D Object Geometry and SVBRDF Material from Images via Differentiable Path Tracing

Purvi Goel | Loudon Cohen | James Guesman | Vikas Thamizharasan | James Tompkin | Daniel Ritchie 3DV 2021


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Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 5.13.04 PM.png
On the Robustness of Monte Carlo Dropout Trained with Noisy Labels

Purvi Goel |Li Chen WiCV 2021


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