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Project | 01
Project | Single Image Material Editing​

With a team, I implemented ”Image-Based Material Editing” (SIGGRAPH 2005), ”Depicting Procedural Caustics in Single Images” (SIGGRAPH 2008), and ”Interactive Design of All-Frequency Lighting” (Pacific Graphics 2007) for the Advanced Graphics final project. allowing users to change material properties of objects in single HDR photographs. The final application included environment map optimization, precomputed radiance transfer, estimating and replacing the BxDF and texture of objects, and simulating visually convincing caustics with log-Gabor kernels.

Project | 02
Project | Rendering and Light Science

I implemented a Pathtracer that included extra features like Primary Sample Space Metropolis Light Transport, russian roulette path termination, and BSDF importance sampling.

I also built a Deferred Rendering interactive demo to accompany the lecture I gave for Intro to Graphics as a TA. Please check it out! Click "L" to add a new light, and toggle 1, 2, and 3 to investigate the different texture buffers.

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Project | 03
Project | 3D Printing from Photographs​

For our final project for Computational Photography, we built a system that uses Voxel Carving, AR tags, and a handy 3D printer to extract objects from photos and prints them out. 

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